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According to statistics, there are nearly 100,000 car beauty shops in China, but a considerable part of them do not make money or make little profit. What is the main reason?

一、 小而全

I. Small and Complete


One of the reasons why some small and medium-sized car laundries and car beauty shops don't make money is that they have too many services and no expertise. I'm not good at what I'm good at, and I'm not good at what I'm good at. The service line is too long and the cost is difficult to control. More and less specialized is not conducive to the accumulation of customers and the increase of income, on the contrary, it also increases the cost input because of the decentralization of service links and the lack of effective utilization of personnel.

二、 人工成本高

2. High labor costs


At present, labor is expensive. In general, the wages of a car washer in second or third-tier cities are about 3-4,000, and 5-8,000 for some skills. Small and medium-sized car beauty shops, generally at least 8-10 people, a single wage, annual expenditure also needs about 300-400,000.

三、 库存积压、资金难周转

3. Inventory backlog and capital difficulty


Car cosmetology, car accessories, tires, oil and so on, all products are complete, there is a large backlog of inventory, and products are not marketable, product updates are too fast. Causes the fund backlog, causes the fund turnover to be ineffective.


The above points are some of the drawbacks that some car beauty shops do not make money. True car beauty shop business income is not low, cost planning is not good, product design is not good, will appear in excess of income.


How do the profitable stores avoid these points?


One Specialized College + Multiple Assistants


The main business is clear, you have excellence, is the biggest selling point. For example, sheet metal spray painting is well done, car engine cleaning, internal devices have a set, waxing and polishing is excellent, car washing is more professional than others, in short, it is easier to highlight yourself if you have a bright spot different from your peers.


Artificial Intelligence + Standardized Operation


Artificial car washing is one of the most undesirable things. First of all, it has been said that the labor cost is high. Car washing should be equipped with at least three or four people, and the speed can not be guaranteed. And the effect of car washing is not standard, completely according to the standards that the car washer masters, but also according to his mood to play, in winter, this is more difficult to keep people's work, at that time no one washed, maybe the boss will go to battle personally, can not come to the customer to hang there.


Therefore, most car beauty shops are equipped with automatic car washers, intelligent equipment to replace as many manual, unmanned car wash is also a trend. A car washer instead of three or four workers saves more than 100,000 yuan a year, enough for the investment of a reciprocating car washer. Some small and medium-sized car washers choose ASUS cleaning equipment to calculate this account. And standardized car wash, what climate, what environment, car wash are in accordance with the standard model, do not let guests, etc., but also cleaner.


Car laundering is a money-making project, not just a drainage project. The cost of water and electricity consumables for fully automatic car washing is only about 1 yuan and 5 yuan. With the wear and tear of all kinds of equipment, the rent allocation is up to 3 yuan. Now it costs at least 15 yuan to wash a car. Even if 100 cars are washed a day, the net profit will be over 1,000. How can we call it not make money?


Go stock, take Internet + mode.


The fashion wind blows too fast, a large number of inventory is obviously not suitable for the current situation, now many tires, oil, are on-line and off-line combination mode. Customers order online, install construction after arrival of goods in the store, or customers order from you, network appointment arrival, which will greatly reduce inventory, their own risk will be smaller, and capital turnover will be more flexible.


Make your own positioning, avoid the above points, and plan rationally. Car wash shop is still a very popular business nowadays. ASUS cleaning equipment also helps you to dig gold successfully in this field!